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Personal Coaching Sessions

I offer Personal Coaching Sessions that can help you make transformational changes in your life and achieve your goals.  Personal Coaching Sessions allow us to work together to help you achieve a richer, more rewarding life.


It’s not necessary for you to get coaching to achieve your goals.  People make changes and achieve their goals all the time without coaching.  You have everything you need within you to succeed.  But coaching can help you get in touch with your inner resources and assist you in expressing more of your full potential.  Coaching can provide a structure to keep you focused on what you want and a plan of action to create what you desire.


Sometimes it is useful to get help.   If you are struggling to accomplish what you want, if you feel stuck, if things are just not working and you’re at a loss for what to do, then coaching can help.


Maybe you’re not even sure what it is that you want, yet you know that something in your life needs to shift.  Coaching can help.


Perhaps you do know, but you are procrastinating and you need help in finding the motivation to start doing what is necessary to move forward.  Coaching can help you find purpose and meaning, and access the states and behaviors you require to move into action and persist until you achieve your outcomes.  Coaching can keep you on course and hold you accountable for your success.


If you want to grow personally and become more effective in all areas of life, if you are serious about attaining your goals and fulfilling your dreams, if you want to experience more freedom, happiness, love, peace and prosperity, then coaching can help.  Having a coach back you in your determination to get more out of life is one of the smartest, most resourceful decisions you can make.




In coaching sessions, we work together.  I am not going to do it to you or for you.  I can help guide you and encourage you.  I have powerful transformational techniques and tools to share and will do the best I can to support and facilitate your change work.  You must take full responsibility for doing whatever is necessary to achieve your goals.  An essential premise to accept is that you are ultimately 100% responsible for your life and what you make of it.  The intention of our coaching sessions is to help you create your life the way you want it.


It doesn’t mean that we won’t address the problems or obstacles you may be facing – we will.  It’s just that our emphasis will be for you to solve those problems and overcome those obstacles so that you can move on to focusing on generating the results that you really want for yourself.


You might have to release issues that limit you or hold you back.  You may have to resolve issues from the past.  You might have to spend time examining your life and exploring how it has become the way it is and what you need to do to change.  Still, our aim is ultimately to get you focusing on the present and figuring out how you can move forward in creating the future according to your dreams and aspirations.


We will set goals for the sessions and you will set goals for your life.  You will have time to talk about whatever you need in order to make changes and grow.  You will commit to specific tasks and activities and implement new behaviors and habits to get your results.  The work is a process for progress, not perfection.  There is flexibility to evolve along the way.  The journey is every bit as important as the destination.




Typically, sessions are conducted once a week.  Even one session can be beneficial, but you will more likely begin to notice results after three sessions, and certainly with six.  How many sessions needed varies based on what you are working on and how quickly you change.  At the same time, we will work to help you get your results as fast as possible.  The more you put into the process, the sooner you are likely to make progress and get results.  There are no time limits to coaching – we can continue for as long as you want to keep generating more and more in your life!


A sessions lasts for 45-50 minutes and can be conducted at my office or over the phone or by Skype.  About 30 to 35 minutes will be spent talking, reviewing your week and focusing on whatever issues are at hand for that session, as well as setting your objectives for the upcoming week.  Approximately 10 to 15 minutes will be utilized for guided relaxation in which you will relax into a calm, receptive, suggestible state, and I will give you suggestions that will help condition your consciousness for success.


Essentially, the guided relaxation is hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a very natural, safe process where you are simply open and suggestible to ideas.  These ideas reach the more subconscious level of your awareness where your beliefs and associations drive your behavior.  The use of hypnosis is for the purpose of reinforcing positive beliefs and associations that are in alignment with how you want to think and feel. This helps you take positive, constructive action towards whatever goals are important and meaningful to you.


In hypnosis, you are aware of everything that is going on – you are not unconscious.  You are in a comfortable, relaxed state, open to accepting the ideas that you want to accept to increase your motivation, your beliefs in what is possible, your confidence and your self-esteem.  The guided relaxation will ensure that you feel good and are in a positive, motivated state at the end of each session.




Some of the possibilities for our coaching sessions:


Achieve your goals

Make positive changes in all areas of life

Install habits that improve your health and fitness

Create and enhance your relationships

Generate more financial prosperity

Improve your performance

Develop greater confidence and self-esteem

Overcome fears and phobias

Reduce anxiety and stop worrying

Change your values and beliefs

Create a positive attitude

Cultivate your personality

Master your thinking

Access more positive states, such as joy, happiness and peace

And much more … if you’re wondering, just ask!




I have been using motivational coaching techniques and hypnosis for the last 15 years to help my clients create more meaningful, fulfilling lives.  I have done over 12,000 sessions with clients in my private practice.


I trained thousands of students in hypnotherapy as an instructor at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute and in Neuro-linguisic Programming (NLP) via NLP TransWorld, an NLP training company that I co-founded with Joe Leeway.  I have invested a considerable amount of time in my own education in other various modalities of transformation, metaphysics and spirituality.




As you work to achieve specific results in your life, I will always keep in mind that who and what you are is always more than what you do or have.  Whatever you accomplish or create, you are always more than that.  My philosophy is that your fundamental essence is already perfect, whole and complete.  Life is the opportunity to create and experience your creations, and in the process realize who and what your truly are.


Each and every client that I work with helps me on my ongoing journey of personal growth and evolution.  The focus of our sessions will always be on you, but at the end of the day I will learn from you.  We are all mirrors for each other.  Our experience of each other mirrors back to us what is inside us.  As we grow and change within, the world transforms without.  It would be an honor for me to have the opportunity to work with you in Personal Coaching Sessions.


If you are interested in Personal Coaching Sessions, you can contact me.  If you want to prepay for sessions, please select the option you prefer from the pricing menu, and then after you have paid, contact me to schedule appointments.  You must provide 24-hours notice if you have to cancel a scheduled session or you will forfeit the session fee.




Please note that I am not a licensed therapist.  My coaching is intended for healthy, functioning adults who are in charge of their own lives and responsible for their own decisions.  I will do my best to help you but specific results are not guaranteed.  Some issues may require that you provide a referral from a licensed physician or psychologist.  If you have symptoms that indicate potentially a physical etiology or a psychological disorder, you are advised to seek professional medical or psychological care.