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The 90-Day Personal Development and Success Program  • Upcoming dates to be announced soon •


What if you were totally focused over the next 90 days?  What would you do?


If you could achieve your goals over the next three months, what would you accomplish?


If you could remove obstacles to your success and design what you really want for yourself with clarity and confidence, what would you create?


Would a program that provides the structure for you to get more done in 90 days then you normally would in an entire year interest you?


Isn’t it time to make the progress and changes in your life that you’ve wanted to make for a long, long time?


Are you ready to really get serious about going for it and create the life of your dreams?



That’s what the 90-day Personal Development and Success Program is designed to help you do.



If there is something that you’ve been meaning to do for a long time and you finally want to get it done, then this program is for you.


If there is a change you need to make that you know would make all the difference in your life, then this program is for you.


If there is unfinished business that you need to get out of the way so you can start moving forward, then this program is for you.


If you want to become more prosperous, take better care of your health, or improve your relationships, then this program is for you.


If you are ready to grow personally, then this program is for you.


If it’s time to start living with all your might, expressing the full potential of what you know is possible, then this program is for you.


If you want your life to be different, then this program is for you.



I am so excited about this program and I believe you will be too!



For the last 15 years I have been training Certified NLP Practitioners and Certified Hypnotherapists.


NLP stands for Neuro-lingusitic Programming.  NLP is the study of personal achievement and success.  It’s understanding how people who get excellent results do what they do so well, and understanding their behavior in such a way that it can be modeled and replicated by others.  In simpler terms, it’s the art and science of effectively creating what you want.


Hypnosis is a tool that reinforces thoughts, beliefs and behaviors at a subconscious level of mind, conditioning an individual to think, feel and act in alignment with their conscious intentions and goals.


I’ve had a few thousand students in my classes.  The students who took my courses were training for the purpose of utilizing the information in their coaching or therapy practices in order to help their clients work through personal issues and achieve their goals.  I’ve also provided over twelve thousand personal sessions to clients in my private practice.


In my certification classes, the emphasis has been on coaches and therapists in training acquiring tools to use in their practices with clients. What I have done with the 90-Day Personal Development and Success Program is take the same kinds of tools and information that I have been teaching to NLP coaches and hypnotherapists, tools they use in helping their clients succeed, and developed a program that is tailor made for individuals who aren’t looking to become coaches or therapists, but want instead a course designed specifically for their personal development and the achievement of their goals. (Of course, coaches and therapists will find this program beneficial for that too!)


The 90-Day Personal Development and Success Program is designed so that you can focus completely on yourself and utilize the information and tools for your own personal growth and self-improvement.  This program is all about you focusing on yourself and making the changes you want and generating the results you desire in the span of 90 days!


Most importantly, I have created a structure that ensures that in taking the course you will get results in achieving your goals, as long as you follow the program.  Not only is this a course of valuable information, it’s a program that supports you in taking purposeful action that produces results.  Real, tangible results that are measurable and demonstrate evidence of true success.


This is it:  The 90-Day Personal Development and Success Program






Most people have hopes and dreams of who they want to become and what they want to do and have someday.  Some of these desires are big and some are relatively small, but one common denominator in human nature is that time gets away from us, and we tend to keep saying that we are going to get to it “someday”.  But there’s a real danger that “someday” will never come, and the next thing we know, we’re at the end of life looking back on what could have been.  That thought terrifies me.  I don’t want to be at the end of my life filled with regret.  I am sure you don’t either.


Even though we have the best of intentions, it’s human nature to put things off until later.  We often imagine that we are more disciplined than we really are or that we have more time than we really do.  It’s not that we don’t mean to create what we want; it’s just that we don’t always do so well without a structure in place that supports success.  We get stuck in habits and routines and environments and situations that may not support our full expression, yet we don’t take the necessary steps to change.  We get stuck in our comfort zone, staying with what we’re used to instead of venturing into the unknown.  We end up waiting for change to happen by itself.  Change eventually occurs, but not necessarily in the way we were hoping.





We are usually more productive and do better when we get help, especially if we are in a program that provides structure.  That can make all the difference in whether we succeed or fail to achieve our goals.  We think we will do it on our own, but more often than not, we only focus and get things done when we are involved in a program that forces us to do the necessary work.


Think about taking up a course of study for example.  There are so many ways to learn on our own.  We can buy the textbooks and find plenty of information on the internet.  Universities publish the entire curricula to their courses of study.  So we don’t necessarily have to go to school to learn many things if we will just organize our time and create a structured program of self-study.  But how often will we actually do that?


On the other hand, if we enroll in and attend school, the schedule is set for us, the curriculum is designed for us, the assignments are given to us, and the deadlines for papers, projects and tests are expected to be met.  And what do we do?  We go along with the program.  We show up for class as scheduled, read the course material, fulfill the assignments and take the tests.  We follow the program, pass the course and learn!


We’ve all been conditioned to school so we know how to work within an imposed structure.  And we can benefit from a structure that has requirements for action that force us to achieve what we actually want to achieve anyway!  While getting it done in a specific time frame, without putting it off.


That’s part of what the 90-Day Personal Development and Success Program will do.  It will provide you with the structure to focus for 90 days and do what’s necessary to get results.   Results with goals that you select for yourself, that you believe are reasonable and achievable.  Goals that will challenge you to do more than you normally would by taking your game to another level.  Goals that are within reach if you would just take focused action every single day for three months.


The Marines get more done before breakfast than most people get done in an entire day because of their absolute focus, purpose, values and discipline.  Most of us could be doing much more in our days to be productive and on purpose.  This program isn’t bootcamp by any means, but it is designed for you to get serious about how you live your life.  To inspire you to reach deep within yourself and find that power that you know is there, and start applying yourself to living the life of your dreams.  That’s what I want!  Don’t you?





A major portion of the 90-Day Personal Development and Success Program is designed for you to grow personally through self-development.  In order to do more in life, we generally have to become more at the same time.


This program will explore who you are and how you create your life.  You will learn how you personally generate your experience of reality and how you can change it so that you can create more of what you want.  You will do work to change your perspective of your past experiences so that you can let go of anything that might be holding you back from living a richer, more rewarding life.


You will learn to create a mindset for success, to develop the beliefs and confidence in yourself that will support the achievement of your goals.  You will start to change habits that work against you, and develop behaviors that produce the results you want instead.


You will explore your personality and character for greater self-understanding.  You will examine your values and beliefs so that you’re clear on your purpose and what’s important and meaningful to you.   You will become aware of the creative power of your thoughts and emotions, and strengthen your ability to develop a consciousness that manifests and reflects your desired success.


You will follow a 90-plan of action that will demonstrate your ability to do and have what you want in life, with higher levels of success and achievement, however you define that.


Would you like to live with more passion?


Would you enjoy waking up every day raring to go after what’s important and meaningful to you, determined that you will do whatever it takes?


Would you like to experience more Freedom, Peace, Love, Happiness, Health, and Prosperity?


It’s your life.  Isn’t the time to go for it? NOW!




In life, we often have long-term goals, but because they appear to be so far out in the future, they can seem intangible and unreal.  And when we know there are things that we ought to get done today or this week, or even this month, we often don’t make a strong enough connection to how important those things are to our long-term goals, so we tend to procrastinate or never get to them at all.


90 days is a perfect amount of time to set goals and achieve them.  In 90 days, you can achieve goals that are big enough that they stretch you, and meaningful enough that they make a significant impact in your life.  90 days is a manageable window where goals feel close enough that they are real and achievable, yet challenge you enough to discover what you’re truly made of.


If you start thinking and acting in new and challenging ways consistently for 90 days, those new mindsets and behaviors will be integrated and become habits.  You will experience real change and transformation.  You will make real progress.  You will be moving forward with focus and direction and enthusiasm.





Enrolling in the 90-day Personal Development and Success Program will not by itself create your results.  You will have to do the work.  You will have to take 100% responsibility for doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals.  The program will support you, while ultimately it will be up to you to do whatever is necessary, and the results you achieve will reflect how much you dedicate yourself to the process and do the work required.


Although you will likely accomplish more in the 90 days than you might expect, naturally there are limits.  There is only so much you can accomplish in that time.  But if you were 100% committed and focused and did whatever was necessary every single day for 90 days, don’t you know that you could take major steps forward?  Aren’t there specific outcomes that you have been dreaming of for much too long that you know you could create in 90 days if you just went for it and gave it your all?


The 90-day Personal Development and Success Program will support you so that you make those dreams come true.



The 90-Day Personal Development and Success Program 


The purpose of the program is to provide you with information, tools and a structure with which you can spend three months focused on your personal growth and self-development, while achieving some specific goals that you would love to accomplish in that time frame.  All while continuing to fulfill the everyday responsibilities that you already have in your life.


The program has a number of different elements designed to support your success:




Every three weeks we will get together for weekend classes.


There are five weekend classes: 

Next seminar dates to be scheduled


Classes will be held from 9:30 a.m.– 5:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday.


The location for the classes will be in Los Angeles and will be disclosed before the course begins.


Here’s an outline of the classes:


Weekend One  


Overview of the program

Cleaning up and fixing what you need to get done and out of the way

Exploring how you create your experience of reality

Schemas, Sensation, Perception and Projection

Setting goals for the 90 days


Weekend Two  


Changing the meaning of the past if necessary

Changing decisions that have led to what you don’t want

Replacing with decisions about what you do want

Understanding the nature of memories and how to make them work for you

Releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs

Updating your beliefs to support what you want


Weekend Three  


Controlling and accessing resourceful states

Creating automatic responses that serve you

Changing habits and behaviors

Understanding your personality

Recognizing and choosing your values

Understanding and utilizing your motivation


Weekend Four  


How what you think matters

Taking charge of your thoughts and emotions

How your focus determines what you attract

Focusing on what you want

Living with vision and purpose

Manifesting what you desire


Weekend Five  


Putting it all together

Getting organized

Planning and projecting the future

Celebrate the journey and the destination




On Sunday evenings we will have a group telephone conference call for 1 hour in which we will focus on each participant’s objectives for the upcoming week.  There are a total of eight teleconferences – we will skip the Sunday nights on the days that we have class.


The dates for the teleconferences are: 

to be announced




Each week you will have a private coaching session with me for 45 minutes either by phone or Skype.  That’s twelve personal coaching sessions. 


The sessions will provide time for you to talk about and work on whatever you need in making progress towards your goals.  We will also use guided relaxation to reinforce your beliefs and values at the subconscious level of your mind to help condition you for success.




You will also partner with a classmate in the program in which the two of you will make a brief phone call to each other daily, Monday through Friday, for just a few minutes to remind each other of your objectives for that day so that you stay focused and on track. 


Your partner is not going to be responsible for you; they are your “buddy”, only responsible for reminding you of what you promised yourself you would do that day to achieve your goals.  These calls will be short and to the point and are designed to keep you focused on accomplishing your daily objectives.






We will celebrate your success at the end!  How good will that feel?  Imagine you’ve completed the program and you’re looking back at three months of absolute, 100% focused effort and you’ve got your results!


What will you have done?  How will things have changed?  How fantastic is that going to be?  What are you going to say about it?  Doesn’t it just make sense that life is supposed to be this way – you, going for what is truly important and meaningful to you?


I can’t wait to be there with you!





I want so much for you to join this program so that we can get a group together that absolutely goes for it and gives 100%.  My biggest incentive is that I will be right there with you, doing it myself every step of the way.  I have things I want to accomplish too of course, and plenty of goals that I want to achieve.  By helping you, it helps me to stay focused and on top of what I need to do to create what I want.


The synergy that will be generated from all of us focused on becoming and doing our best is going to build momentum.  Bodies in motion stay in motion.  Which is great, because I personally don’t plan just to go full force for 90 days and then stop.  I plan to keep going after that,  Going and going …  My prediction is once you get rolling, you will keep going too!


It’s time to take everything to another level!  Are you with me on that?  I am excited and looking forward to meeting the ambitious, motivated individuals that I know are going to come together for the first 90-Day Personal Development and Success Program!



When I add up all of the elements above, this program has a value well over $3,500.  I am offering it for $1,500 if you enroll early.  

I would love for you to be in this group!


And your satisfaction is guaranteed by a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. Which means that if you decide to withdraw from the program for any reason within 30 days, then I will refund the $1,500.





I want to get a full class of excited students together, so here’s some financial incentive when you help spread the word so that others can take advantage of this opportunity:


When you refer someone to take this program who’s not already on my mailing list, I am going to pay you a referral fee of $150 at the end of the program, after your referral has completed the program, even if you don’t take the course.


When you enroll now and refer someone else, then instead of paying a referral fee of $150, I will refund $500 to you at the end of the program, after you and your referral complete the program.


Refer as many students as you can.  For each of your referrals who complete the program, I will pay you $150, or as you enroll and finish too, then I will refund $500 to you.


For example, as you refer three others and all four of you enroll and complete the program, then I am going to refund $1,500 to you individually at the end!  So that pays for itself, doesn’t it!


The class size is limited however, so please make certain your referrals register early so that we can get them in before it’s full.





So let’s review the 90-Day Personal Development and Success Program:


Three months for you to focus on your self-improvement and success.


5 Weekend Classes packed with information, techniques and processes to help you grow and create more of what you want


8 Weekly Teleconference calls for you to make commitments to your weekly and daily action plans and garner the support and backing of your Success Team


12 Personal Coaching Sessions with John McCarthy by phone or Skype


Daily phone calls, Monday through Friday, with your Team Partner to keep both of you focused on your action plan for that day


A 30-day money-back guarantee so that you are 100% satisfied



I calculate this to be over $3,500 in value.

Enroll early and you’re in for $1,500.


And help fill the class through the referral program and you can get some, if not all of your investment back!  Refer others even if you don’t attend and I will still send you referral fees.



What if you take this program and everything in your life starts to change for the better?


Register now for the Personal Development and Success Program





Fifteen years of teaching and coaching have prepared me to develop and offer this course.  I know you will love it and I would love to have you attend.


If you’re up for it and ready to give 100% to creating more of what you really want in life, then please act now and register for the 90-Day Personal Development and Success Program.


Find out what you can do in 90 days if you set your mind to it, and grow in the process.  I guarantee you won’t be bored for a second.  You are going to be too busy achieving your goals!


Here’s to your success!

– John McCarthy






The 90-day Personal Development and Success Program is educational and designed for personal growth and self-improvement.  There are no guarantees of specific results.  Any results you may or may not achieve may vary from any results obtained by other participants.  The program is designed for healthy, functioning adults who are managing and in control of their own lives.  You should not enroll in this program if that does not describe you.  Any goals you set, decisions you make, or actions you take before, during or after the 90-day Personal Development and Success Program are solely your own responsibility and you must rely on your own judgment and reasoning.  It is at your discretion whether to accept or not accept any information or advice contained within the program.  You are under no obligation to accept guidance or advice from the program, follow the program, or continue in the program.  You may withdraw at any time.  A full refund is guaranteed if you withdraw within the first 30 days.  There is no refund after 30 days.  You are encouraged at all times throughout the program to stay connected to your own personal support system and relationships.  Above all else, always do what is right for you and take care of your health and well-being.  John McCarthy is not a licensed therapist and this program is not therapy.  The program does not constitute therapy and is not a replacement for any form of assistance or care that you may require.  You are advised to seek professional medical or psychological help if needed.